One Thing Most Children Take for Granted

Success Stories

03.13.16 | tpassoc

There are many things kids take for granted; we adults do as well. Normal hearing is one of them. But when there’s a problem, it can interfere with even the most routine daily activities.

Meet Cole. Cole had hearing problems from a young age, needing his first cochlear implant at just 18 months. The second came when he was just four years old. Without these implants, Cole could have faced a number of developmental and social problems: delayed language, detachment from his parents, and exclusion at school.

Aid from a Scholarship Trust grant from TPA helped Cole get the surgery he needed—and is helping him live the life of any typical 10-year-old boy. Cole now goes to a “regular” school and plays sports with his friends. Both of Cole’s surgeries were done at the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, PA.

TPA played an important role in Cole’s journey. This is just one of the reasons why membership in the TPA is so important. You might think that you’re just receiving some benefits. But your dollars are also going to help kids like Cole.

“I’m going to regular school and I get to play sports with my friends… Thank you again for helping me do the things most 10 year olds take for granted.” Cole, in a letter to TPA.

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