The following benefits are provided to Class A members when loss results from injuries sustained through accident. All claims for benefits are subject to the provisions, conditions and limitations of the Membership Certificate of Insurance Benefits.
Death while commercial airline fare-paying passenger on scheduled timetable flight up to
Death while on commercial chartered airline flight as fare-paying passenger
Death while acting as pilot, co-pilot, flight engineer or attendant on flight of incorporated licensed passenger airline carrier, but not on charter flight
Death while fare-paying passenger in incorporated licensed passenger land conveyance
Death while a passenger in a cruise ship owned, operated and provided by an incorporated passenger carrier, and operated by a licensed captain over an established route of such cruise ship up to
Death from other accidental causes
Loss of Both Eyes
Loss of Both Hands or Both Feet by severance above wrist or ankle
Loss of One Hand and One Foot by severance above wrist and ankle
Loss of One Hand or One Foot by severance above wrist or ankle
Loss of One Eye
Loss of Four Fingers from either hand by severance
Total Disability maximum 104 weeks-monthly indemnity up to
Partial Disability maximum 30 days-maximum payable up to
Hospital Confinement maximum 30 days-maximum payable up to
Medical Expense Reimbursement-non-disabling injury-actual up to
Hernia Benefit accident only-death or disability up to

Limitations of Benefits:

Fifty percent (50%) of death benefits if death occurs from accident while member is intoxicated. Class D members receive no accidental injury or death benefits. All claims for benefits are subject to the provisions, conditions, and limitations of the Plan of Benefits of the Association.



include but are not limited to the following (for a full list, please refer to the Standing Rules and Plan of Benefits): war; insurrection; invasion; acting as soldier or sailor; suicide or attempted suicide while sane; felonious act; illegal occupation. Acting as aviator, balloonist or parachutist or participating in aeronautics as operator or assistant or as passenger or rider in or on vehicle or device for aerial navigation, except 1, 2 and 3 above; infections that are not the result from accidental injury. Disease of body or mind; paralysis; vertigo; cerebral, spinal or meningeal hemorrhage; when resulting from medical, mechanical, dental or surgical treatment.

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