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Homer T. Wilson Fund


One of the exceptional things about TPA is the way members support each other. This can be seen in the variety of post, division and national activities that the members contribute their time and energy to support each year.

The Homer T. Wilson Humanitarian Fund is a special fund that has been providing emergency financial aid to members for more than a century. Members can apply for assistance from TPA through their post secretary or post president.

Family financial problems today are not much different from those of 1910 when the Reverend Homer T. Wilson, then National Chaplain of TPA, became aware of a need to lend a helping hand to members in emergencies. He proposed that a national fund be established by the directors of TPA to help assist emergency financial troubles members may experience.

Approval was given at the 1910 National Convention and members voluntarily contributed to the fund. Since it was established, the fund has helped countless TPA members.

The Homer T. Wilson Fund is a 501(c)(3) public charity, and all donations are tax deductible.

Malina & Her Mom
Recipient of Scholarship Grant

“We’re really grateful for the grant program that was able to help us get the hearing aids for Malina. Without that help there would have been the stress of debt or not being able to provide for her to get those hearing aids.

Her hearing aids and the technology that is connected to them has really helped her to be able to navigate the world we’re in and we’re just grateful for the support and the option and the availability of a grant that could help us in this time of our need. “

Recipient of Scholarship Grant

“I’m going to regular school and I get to play sports with my friends… Thank you again for helping me do the things most 10 year olds take for granted.”

Recipient of Scholarship Grant

“I received my first scholarship from TPA at the end of my second year [at Central Institute for the Deaf]. This was such a blessing for me and my family. It helped cover the cost of tuition… Thank you so much for the generosity and kindness. My family can’t thank you enough. “