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11.22.22 | sitecontrol

Louisiana Division
Members of the Louisiana Division donated coats to a local organization called Coats for Children. With the winter season coming, it is important children have the protection they need against the frigid temperatures. These donation efforts serve as proof that the division members are dedicated to improving the quality of life for others in their local community.  For more information about TPA, contact Louisiana Division Secretary Alfred Moore at (713) 202-1061, call national headquarters at (636) 724-2227 or visit the website at www.tpahq.org.

About the TPA Hearing Trust
Established by TPA in 1975, an independent 501(c)(3) organization, the Hearing Trust accepts tax deductible donations from TPA members, posts, divisions, nonmembers, businesses, foundations, and all other legal entities.  To learn more, make a contribution to the Hearing Trust or to apply for aid, please visit www.tpahq.org/tpa-hearing-trust.

About Travelers Protective Association of America
To learn more contact TPA Headquarters at (636) 724-2227.

Pictured left to right: Jackie Ellender and Al Moore.

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