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Safety of our children is one of TPA's missions

Through TPA’s many child safety programs we hope to educate children and parents providing a safer environment in our local communities. If we can save one child’s life then all our efforts are worth it.

CHAD safety seat id program

The CHAD safety seat child identification program has been developed as a result of a traffic accident involving a 13-month old boy named Chad. The baby-sitter who was driving was killed. Chad was injured but no one at the scene knew his identity. Only because an emergency room nurse recognized him could his parents be quickly located and his injuries be treated.

TPA adopted the CHAD sticker program as a National Safety Program. Posts throughout the nation are encouraged to purchase these stickers bearing the TPA logo at a nominal cost and distribute them to local police and emergency medical agencies, schools, parent groups and any other organization interested in the safety of children.

The Association provides CHAD stickers through our Divisions. Contact your Division secretary or staff at National Headquarters for more information.


Click here to view the CHAD Sticker Presentation video.

Bike Rodeos

What is a TPA Bike Rodeo?

It is an event put on by a TPA Post or Division to educate kids and parents on the simple rules of safe cycling and bicycle maintenance. TPA Members do safety checks on the bicycles and teach the kids about bike safety. Then the kids have a blast on an obstacle course testing their cycling skills and what they have learned.

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TPA’s national safety mascot is Officer Ollie who has educated and entertained children in all aspects of safety for many years.

Officer Ollie’s favorite sayings:

“Always look both ways before you cross the street!”
“Don’t talk to strangers!”
“Don’t play with fire. It could hurt you!”

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Safety Patrol

Many school boys and girls are killed or injured in traffic accidents – crossing streets, playing in streets, riding bicycles and when going to and leaving school buses.

The value of school safety patrols has been proven. Rarely has there been an accident where a guard is regularly on duty. Nationwide recognition has been given to this school activity.

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dna kits

Keeping children safe is one of the most important things you can do as a parent or legal guardian. No matter how careful we are things still happen. This DNA Collection Kit is something we hope is never needed, but will be there just in case you do.

A DNA sample is one sure way to identify a missing person.

The Association provides DNA Kits through our Divisions.

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