TPA Governing Documents Review Committee

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09.23.19 | Jennifer Alrashdi

TPA Governing Documents Review Committee
Officers and members of the Travelers Protective Association’s working group met for three days in Grand Rapids, Michigan to review the governing documents, including the articles of incorporation, bylaws, standing rules, business plan, and the 2020 annual meeting schedule of events. TPA’s chief administrative officer, president and vice president worked twelve-hours days during the review process.

About the Scholarship Trust for the Hearing Impaired
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About Travelers Protective Association of America
To learn more, please visit or contact TPA Headquarters at (636) 724-2227.

Pictured left to right: Wayne Wentworth, Albert Shoemaker, E.L. Reed, Jack VanManen, John Chmielewski, and Mark Cassis.

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