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05.29.19 | Al Shoemaker

I wanted to write you and just say thank you for finding my family eligible to receive money from the Scholarship Trust for the Hearing Impaired. My son (Wesson) is three, turning four this summer, and we found out in November that he needed hearing aids in both ears. Much to our surprise, these weren’t covered at all by our insurance. We began looking for resources that could help us, and through family of mine we found this scholarship trust. The week our last payment was due for my son’s hearing aids, we received a letter from the trust stating we had been selected to receive assistance. What amazing timing!  We are so grateful that there are organizations like this that help families like us. I am confident that my son will have a successful year in preschool next year now that he has his hearing aids!  Attached is a picture of him the day he got his hearing aids.


Jessa Hillmann

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