She is Not Alone– Beating the Odds

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03.23.16 | tpassoc

Sometimes, it takes only a few resources to beat the odds—and a lot of spirit.

Meet Taylia. Taylia has CHARGE Syndrome, a chromosome disorder that affects one in ten-thousand children. As a result of this disorder, Taylia has needed surgery to fix a cleft palate and has a severe loss of vision and hearing. The disorder has also affected the development of her heart.

Despite her condition, she is loving and determined. Like most 11 year olds, she has a strong personality. “Taylia doesn’t say any words, she only uses sign language. But she’ll let you know what she wants… she’s very independent,” says April, her mother. “She can be very vocal without speaking.”

Taylia attends the Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf. There she requires speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. While she doesn’t have a favorite subject, Taylia loves school and her school community. The routine and structure of the school, and being around other deaf children at the school, provide excellent support for her.

Due to her heart condition, she is not able to play sports, but she did recently learn to swim…and loves it. She also has a number of education and signing games that she enjoys playing on her electronic tablet.

The funds that the Brooks family received will help with the cost of the doctors and specialists that Taylia needs. The family lives in Elizabeth City, NC and some of her doctors are an hour away, each direction. The grant will help offset the cost of traveling to the appointments. Taylia’s parents, April and Melvin, offered their appreciation. “We would like to thank TPA for inviting us to the Convention in Hampton, Virginia, so we could meet all the wonderful people and thank them in person. It helped open our eyes to know other people are struggling with similar situations, and it helps us feel like we are not alone. Thank you all so much for your support.”

[callout] “It helped to know other people are struggling with similar situations, and it helps us feel like we are not alone.” April and Melvin, Taylia’s parents

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